Friday, January 16, 2015

Volunteers Needed To Research Damages For Taxpayers and Cannabis Prisoners Since 1934


      In Solidarity with folks here and from coast to coast, the SFAwareness Group and peers have started a San Francisco People's Task Force on Fraud, which includes an urgent project involving:

  1.  STOP MORE FRAUDS BY BAD STATE LAWS THAT CREATE MONOPOLIES - The exposure and blockade of all bad state laws that create Cannabis Monopolies and other laws - that can't show any imminent threat or harm from cannabis activities.

San Francisco Cannabis Patients' Union (c) 2007
  2.  Total Number and Costs of Cannabis Prisoners and Prohibition - Drug War Victims - The documentation of the total number of people arrested and unjustly fined or imprisoned by cannabis prohibition & drug war fraud laws since 1934.   Total number of years spent by county, by state and national totals.
     Including how much each county, state or federal government values each year spent in jail under false pretenses (i.g. federal rate of compensation is $50,000 per year per person falsely incarcerated).   

       This is for the 1st Demand (Demand #1) for Reparations for 80+ Years of Prohibition and Drug War Fraud, sponsored by our state and federal governments and elite corporations.

      While they KNEW cannabis caused no threat or harm to people, only to big liquor, pharma, petro-chemicals, fossil fuel and criminal mafias.

50+ Million Americans Lost Homes & Families
       In fact, while they beat our people for cannabis, they were filing patents and testing it for helpful, beneficial and medical purposes.

       Complete multiple personality disorder in our national domestic policies.  Greedy Control Freakin frauds.  

  3.  DAMAGES TO TAXPAYERS SINCE 1934 - The documentation of all the Taxpayer Money spent, since 1934 to date, for all the costs associated with the funding ( vis a federal to state grants **See Footnote, costs to house cannabis prisoners ) of the drug laws that enrich the elite and the costs to build more prisons per capita for mostly 'non-violent drug related offenders' on an annual, per person basis. 

    This is for the Second Demand (Demand #2) on Behalf of U.S. Taxpayers who funded the entire prison building, home stealing and family destroying operations, along with corporate funds (think money laundering) as well.    

   This is the Demand for Reparations for Tax Payers, in addition to the Demand for Cannabis Prisoner Victims.

  4.  Financial Documentation and Timelines - The documentation and event modeling of all the profits and gains made by the police, legal, justice, liquor, fossil fuel, insurance, medical care, big pharma and prison building industries that can be tied directly to the excessive enforcement of all the prohibition and drug war laws and policies that caused so much devastation to over 50 Million U.S. Residents.

   People like you and me, who posed no threat and caused no harm to any other human, yet, had their lives and families ripped apart and were beaten down and falsely imprisoned by all these elite cartels of government officials, corporate CEO's, Chase banksters, local planning departments, sheriffs deputies and police ALL WORKING FOR THE CORPORATE FORCES, against all of us.

  5.   Data Analysis - To connect all the dots of fact and historical evidence from public, private and government sources to show who, is here with us today, trying to create monopolies and continue these frauds by writing bad state laws who are from the same families and corporations that have been beating us down and killing us for cannabis, for the past 100 years.

    We need to create visuals for everyone to clearly see, who from our past is here today, trying to control our cannabis and all other natural things that we need, for our selves, that they wish to take away from us, by writing more laws...

That's all we have time to post for, right now.

    Have a great weekend and NEVER FORGET about the men and women of our past that maintain honor to this day.

   We Honor our role models - Martin Luther King, Junior,  John F. Kennedy (who SMOKED CANNABIS FOR BACK PAIN & WE APPROVE as we have for 10,000 years of safe use without government interference or fraud), Bobbie Kennedy and many others who believe in freedom, justice, open government and prosperity & human rights, for all people, not for the corporations and governments who are here, to serve, us - The People.


   s/J. Leonard
Co-Founder San Francisco Cannabis Patients' Union


San Francisco Cannabis Patients' Union:

SFAwareness Group (c) 2007-2015

** Footnote:    **  Federal-State Drug Grants - to enable the taking of real estate by means of false red tags by planning departments;  demonization of residents who are addicted to drugs by local business groups;  felonization of edlers, disabled and drug addicts and seizure of real estate presold to waiting bankers and developers all working together.

     Basically, the feds give $35,000 to a local county, like Santa Cruz, in a Grant that has the county PROMISE to deliver 100 Bodies for Federal Prosecution;  20 Bodies for ongoing local prosecution; $500,000 in Seized Assets (i.e. your home and land and bank accounts - after intentional devaluation of your property and others by 'demonization' community targeting...). 

   We have copies of the real Federal State Grant & court case documents showing how  conspiring Santa Cruz County Officials, Sheriffs Deputies, Felton Business Association, Liberty Bank Manager, Real Estate Speculators and County Planners -- were all overheard plotting and planning how to steal land by fraud & burying people in paperwork, fake red tags on property or septic systems...  all under color of authority. 

  I.E. Racketeering in Santa Cruz - See Article We Posted On This Before Here:

Friday, January 2, 2015

San Francisco Sheriffs Department Newsletter Posted Here as Public Service

Yep.   For 2015, we're dedicated to enhancing the awareness of us all in many new and strange ways. 

  It's about building up community and turning our angst 'away from each other' and focus it towards the origins of our woes, harms, losses and conflicts.

   We see ordinary people being denied basic human rights, and rights as natural born and emigrated residents of these united States.  TRUST in government is down to about one in five people.   The other four out of five do not trust government and want them all to be replaced, mostly with non-lawyer citizens who do not lie, cheat, steal or abuse alcohol, narcotics, big pharma drugs or their own childen, families and staff.

  Cannabis & Drug War Frauds, forced participation into drinking liquor to excess (starting with candy liquor bottles as the gateway for bad habit building from age 4 into teens & adulthood),  big pharma addiction that is very, very, expensive (7 out of 10 folks in these united States are hooked onto megaprofit big pharma pipelines..) causing great losses, divisions and conflict for over 50 Million residents over 80+ years.

   Which in turn, caused major suffering, desperation, conflict, violence, false imprisonment and premature death, based on a pack of lies, funded by tax dollars and banksters.   All it mapped out by abusing trust, power and law to create mega empires that push illegal drugs, make safe plants like cannabis illegal, then create mega forced to buy into medical, insurance and health care systems that are corrupt.

  We see people, ordinary people angry over the ways the elite are trying to turn us against each other in our own communities.   We see now, after all we've been through for this past decade in particular, that we have individuals inside every elite family, agency, police department, military group, corporation and institution around the world, who are sick and tired of watching the most extreme of us, who abuse drugs, liquor, power, trust and their own families.  

   We see people attacking and taking over police stations.   We see Elite Media trying to twist the Bad Acts of police into Race Issues, which the wise among us, reject. 

   This is all about making us divided by anything they can, but we know, there is only One Race, the Human Race and we all stand for our natural and human rights, for All of Us.  This is folks pushed to be out of control, causing harm to the masses.

    We see cops and military personnel starting to expose the worst in their own ranks and we can see people supporting every person who 'comes clean' because unlike the greedy tyrants in power now,  we forgive much of what folks do, who do not keep trying to lie and cover up their bad acts.    

   We wish to further the exchange of information between our people and our Elected Law Enforcement Agencies and vice versa for the purpose of informing all and perhaps sparking dialogue about how we, as a local community, can band together and clean out every office in our cities from all the corruption that harms us all.

  We have lots of exciting projects in the works for crowdfunding, so stay tuned!

  James, Dave, Peter

Ross Mirkarimi
People's Elected Sheriff of San Francisco


Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Are You Leaving Facebook in 2015 ? New Poll on #leavingfacebook #byebyefb

Happy New Years!   A new poll for All Facebook Users has been posted on the new, icelandic Social Network site called ''.   It's a clean place for Groups, Forums, Polls, Events, Classifieds and much, much more. 

    More than just an alternative to Facebook and other bloated, mega profit, top down, control freakin sites that we've become accustomed to over the past decade.

     It's the opposite of Facebook, in that it does not have any known government contracts;  history of spying or behavioral testing of its users;  almost no advertising;  no collection of personal data;  no tracking of movements, et cetera. 

    It's also a great social network model. 

 They haven't done much advertising of their own, but it's growth, by word of mouth of our peers who've moved over to - has been astounding.

    On November 7, 2014, had about 2,500 Members.    By December 15th, they had over 50,000 New Members.

    And as of today, the last day of 2014, two months later - now has over 80,000 New Members!    WOW!
Are You Leaving Facebook in 2015 Poll on
   So, we pose the all important, everyone needs to know question, for All Facebook Users to answer, in the form of a New Poll  posted on -

   Yes, you do have to join to SEE it live and take the poll. 

 You can see a picture of the poll here on this page, it's very simple, but the answers are important to us all.   If you don't stay with, for any reason, that's cool, but please join up to take the poll, at a minimum.

  And does not CARE what name or nicknames you use to self identify your presence on their networks.... that says alot about their operations, right there.

Your presence there and your content posted is more important to them, then who you 'really are' or what your 'Real Name' or 'Legal Name' is..... a site that is like a breath of fresh air after being online on sites that suffocate us and try to control & track our every move !

 Postscript:   Tip for leaders, organizers, network builders - If you need a very secure, ad free, more private social network site - to use to build up your working groups, teams and more with secure video, voice, text, chat, use your name or group name to Join their sister site called
Go to here: 

Happy New Year 2015 Everyone!

SFHomeless Group Moderator

Monday, December 29, 2014

Story Teller Memorial for Poet Alfonso Texidor - La Leyenda de La Misión

CrowdFund Memorial and Laptop Story Telling Project Started in Honor of Alfonso Texidor - La Leyenda De La Misión:

  Many of you know our friend, Alfonso Texidor.   Most recently he was a columnist for El Tecolote Newspaper in the Mission District of San Franciso.    He was my friend and a bit of a Mentor.

Alfonso Texidor - La Leyenda de la Mision!

     I was working on getting him a laptop to write His Life Story with, when he passed away this Christmas Day, December 25, 2014.

   Truth be told, I've been crying all day, in part for losing such a friend; in part losing such a community treasure and because I feel guilty, like if I could have gotten the laptop together for him faster, maybe he would still be here... typing his story for us all to read.

     Like all the negatives that come my way in this life, this sadness in my heart is being transformed, with your help, into something that may absolve me of guilty feelings and be of tremendous benefit to us all and to our children and their children.

        Alfonso's life was vast. He lived in New York in the 60's during the riots and was as radical as being an original member of the break away group known as 'Up Against The Wall MotherFucker', notorious for community support and advocacy.

     He was also a poet, story teller and made me and my peers laugh, almost every day at El Cafetazo. He would play devils advocate and tell us our lawsuits against the City in the Supreme Court and all the rabblerousing and shelter standards of care laws, etc., wouldn't change nuthin!

     We think he did that to push us into fighting harder and more fiercely with more conviction.

      As Tribute to what this man has brought to our brothers and sisters on the East Coast & The West Coast, we're organizing a two fold Memorial Fund in his Honorable Name.

     The 1st goal is to have a wake or tribute to him and feed our fellow poets, rabblerousers with.

  The 2nd goal is to create an ongoing fund to purchase used laptops and get them into the hands of our beloved elderly, disabled and other folks with stories to tell.

     As I've painfully learned in this ordeal with Alfonso, time waits for no one, so, the faster we can fund laptops for all the poor folks in need of laptops and support to learn how to use word processing programs... the faster we can increase our awareness of our own people & history, from the minds and hearts of the folks around us who are walking history books that don't lie.



     Since we're already testing CrowdFunding for several of our other projects (fraud, cannabis, cell phone drivers, mortgage fraud, et al.) we're going to ALSO post funds in Alfonso's Name, in order to see how well one fund site does or operates over another and publish the results.  

      Also, we have an attorney working with us and will set up a web site for all donors of all our funding projects to go to to SEE exactly how their donation was spent, with real life stories, pictures and video where possible, etc.



         s/James Leonard

   SF Community Advocate
   Former SF Shelter Monitoring Committee Member (for ID only)

Here is supposed to be an embedded link to the GiveForward CrowdFunding Site for Accepting Your Donations for this Memorial - Project.

 If it fails, we'll post a better one later today. 


BuildWidget('gs47'); Find Fundraiser Ideas that Work

Saturday, December 20, 2014

What Do We Want Most For Christmas ? Honest Elections in 2015 & 2016 Without Diebold Fraud Machines

By SFAwareness Group, San Francisco, CA, Sat Dec 20 2014 -

If you've been paying attention to how Diebold Machines and other tricks and devices are used to alter Election Results -- then you know that unless we get rid of for profit, privately owned Voting Machines, we can't have a fair and honest election.

Check out these articles to gain better understanding of How Frauds work and discover what you can do to blow whistles and expose fraud wherever you find it.


 1.  The Election Fraud Blog -

 2.  Mathematical Proof that TV Network Exit Polling data is FRAUDULENT -
 3.  State by State: Voting Rules and Restrictions -


These are but a few examples.

Monday, December 15, 2014

How Many Uber Drivers Are in San Francisco ? Research Poll-Public Safety Task Force

How Many Uber Drivers Are In San Francisco ?    If this were a properly licensed and regulated people moving service, all of us would have access to all driving, incident complaint and accident record involving the movement of people on public & private roads.

This is why it costs more to use taxis.... but, if one needs to check up on cabbies, there are publicly available records, being licensed as a public transit service.
Click on Photo To Go To The Poll On
With Uber, Lyft, you and I have no idea how many, who or how many complaints or accidents are being caused by their drivers, because its a privatized cheap service operating as a valuable, verifiable public transit service.... a biz model doomed to fail.

  That's why we have regs to stop these kind of cheaters from starting businesses without full respect for existing conditions, people, laws, businesses and regulations and their intent because they don't care.

   They do this for money over a time window of opportunity, until its about to fail or get too expensive to operate safely and legitimately, then they bail with all the cash and leave all the victims, employees, stockholders, pension holders behind, as they move onto to their next target market area, in your community or town soon.

  We created a Poll on the cool, ad free Social Network Site called Seen.Is (in iceland).

Help us answer this Research Poll to find out our collective best guess as to how many actual Uber Drivers are in San Francisco.   Thank you for your help...

SF Traffic Safety Task Force for the SFAwareness Group

Wednesday, December 10, 2014



San Francisco, California - A local cannabis patient advocate was following along a U.S. Postal Worker, who was crossing over Valencia Street, to deliver mail on his route.

 Cars headed southbound, in the 400 Block of Valencia Street, slowed down, waved us to cross.
  A new, Large Black SUV, was seen headed for us at high speed (approx. 35-45 mph on dense, residential street), coming from the south (from 16th Street towards 15th Street).
As Posted on Seen.Is - Secure, Ad Free Social Network
  And as he (Black SUV Uber Driver) saw us in his path,  he appeared to speed up and stuck his middle finger up against the driver windshield, grinning like the Devil himself... totally out of control and in some fit of rage or complete lack of care for anyone’s safety, including his own.

  He really terrified us.    Others walking who saw him, were outraged.  You could see him and that U for UBER badge in his windshield, just so happy to have local pedestrians in front of his big, black SUV.

  This happened right after 12 noon, at about 12:12PM, today, less than an hour ago. 

 Until Chase bank moved into town in force and all these lack of regard for local laws by these newcomer corporations and techies, our lives have become dangerous.
Seen.Is Search- Boycott Uber

      In the past decade (up to about 2 years ago),  no one in this part of the mission district had any problem with conflicts because everyone has a reason to cross the streets, at will, to avoid hazards, bad people, bad cops, bad store owners.

    And due to other things like mental illness, drug useage (recent stats say Seven Out of Ten Folks Here Are Now On Big  Pharma Drugs) -- but the majority of our locals didn’t use cars much.

 And when we did, we never honked much or got mad at delays because tomorrow, we may have to cause a delay, and that keeps us safe. 

    Newcomers, being lured into and packed into our city with too many cars and now outlaw drivers, underpaid, underinsured employed in about to fail business models are not just an inconvenience. 

     They steal our space, enable Chase to jack all housing up 4 Times normal rates;  evict all classes of local residents, businesses, mom & pops and children into the streets who built this city and made it what it was before all these ‘actors’ were imported here to drive us all down & out of our own city.

       These drivers operating under shaky biz models are causing real harm to us 
       every day now.   Hell, they killed a young, six year old girl this past month, didn’t they ? 

   It’s just like when Domino Pizza Drivers began to crack and started to drive more and more wreckless as their illegalities and shit hit the fan. 

     Same cycle repeated over and over onto new waves of naïve or pre-channeled young minds who in their defense are just trying to get by any way possible, but nonetheless, they are being used as weapons against us...

    I mean, who in government lets a product be sold that results in more than 1.6 Million Accidents on our roads from coast to coast, in a single year....

Wow!  One point Six Million Accidents caused by distracted drivers.  That rivals all other causes of accidents combined (i.g. DUI’s, Weather, Car Defects) which are Ipods, Iphones, Androids in the hands of Drivers of Cars, Vehicles and Baby Buggies.

   Who are all distracted (but don't think they are) to the point of being neglectful of the responsibility to us all, to NEVER be out of control or distracted while operating vehicles that maim and kill in split second, on any given day, at any given time, for any number of existing real life reasons & causes.

Well, we told some bikers and asked them to bike ahead and get this Out Of Control Uber Driver’s License Plate Number and shoot him with video so we have a record.

   In fact, we’re going to start an new Task Force, just to monitor and document how much damage and death is already being caused by Uber and other similar, renegade, new wave criminal enterprises to us all.

   We say criminal, because those in charge should have known, by looking back at the history of all similar start up model’s eventual fates.   The same as  their current biz models whenin everything is minimized -  like a nazi engineered rocket, they even set aside budgets to pay for anticipated FUTURE HARMS & LOSSES. 

    Harm and losses they know their biz model creates... mayhem, pressure, conflict with locals, preventable accidents and tragedy... all planned and prepaid for, hidden from the view of mass media and the investors that control them...

    It’s a shame to see a great city change, only because of the presence of outsiders, who obviously care more about money and power, than safety and people’s lives.

s/James - Moderator 
SF San Francisco Cannabis Patients Union - SF CPU


Also, Click Here:

Pic #2 Above -  1. This Story & Photo on Seen.Is -

Pic #3 Above - 2. Search Result on Seen.Is for words BOYCOTT UBER - 

### END ###

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

49 Alternatives To Facebook- & are Secure Social Sites in Iceland. #leavingfacebook

Day After Election Day - Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - #Leavingfacebook #byebyefb

   A BIG Congratulations to everyone helping us to find New Alternative Social Network and Group Web Sites that are not commercialized and intrusive (i.g. facebook, google+, others).

https://www.lifeknot.comWe're finding LOTS OF ALTERNATIVES where we can feel safe, be more productive and focussed on what really matters to us;  and not be burdened or distracted by all the charming stuff the for profit & control concerns online want us to be, for their benefit, not ours.

We started with a list of 49 Alternatives to Facebook and established our first "primary' anchor site on - as our first stop to freedom & privacy our way.

 Then as time passed, we came across the most awesome, ad free, secure site called - located in Iceland. is made for people and groups who wish to connect in a non-intrusive, non-commercial environment with secure email and voice, text, video chat and file
sharing and group building.

  Unseen has apps, and currently requires most browsers
to be near up to date, and there are some Tor issues (may
have to do with common use of Firefox 27.0+ versions) but it works well, once you have it together.

And take heart, our techs have been working with their techs to hammer out making sure 'technology' on the cutting edge, does not cause us all to drop off or stop using Unseen.

   So, the future looks bright if they listen to us, otherwise we'll go find other secure spots that don't change every 90 days.... like the ones we're all trying to escape from, in the first place.

           Many of us are tired of having to update every browser, every operating
           system, patches, fixes and new hardware to keep up with basic social 
           network and file sharing sites in non-commercialized, ad free environments.

          Environments that we control, not vice versa.

So we can spend more time using existing technology than we do making burdensome changes and learning or down time that stops our flows and ability to stay connected, on a realiable, consistent basis.   

We and our peers are there on (and many folks on the same paths as we are from around the globe and San Francisco already), in addition to

UNSEEN.IS's MORE PUBLIC TWIN SISTER SITE:   SEEN.IS is Unseen's Sister site that is made for more private, but outwardly public presence and social networking online, with ability to set up groups, forums, chat areas and even Classified ads in a no-ads or personal data collecting environment.

      Both are ideal for anyone who wants to be free of burdens, privacy intrusions and
data collection activities on for profit web sites that even have government defense
contracts and resell data to foreign security forces and intelligence and job screening concerns around the world.

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JFK, Martin & Bobbie Video Bar


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