Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Share Stories of SF Officials, SFPD Violating Human Rights-Abuse & Kidnapping in 2016


   We've been monitoring the conduct and behavior of our Mayor Edwin Mah Lee and our San Francisco Board of Supervisor Members towards our most vulnerable sector of our residents, being those of us who are homeless and poor.   

      Keeping in mind that it was this Mayor (and others higher up in state government) who MADE CASH for themselves by supporting the rapid Importation of more than 15,000 Foreign Workers into our communities, which CREATED 20,000+ New Homeless.

      To MOVE PEOPLE against their will on the street or from one place to another for Business Profits is a GROSS VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

     It is a Felony often called False Imprisonment;  False Arrest;  Kidnapping.    If you or I do that to another Human Being, we'd be arrested and may be charged with multiple felonies.

    No Human in San Francisco has the right to force another human being to move without great cause to protect life or prevent a serious, imminent harm.    This includes shortsided or paid off politicians in office or cops in uniform. 

    If they force YOU to move without a genuine public safety cause, they are acting out crimes whether they realize or acknowledge it or not.   They are GUILTY of Crimes Against Humanity and other local and state and federal laws.

    Educate yourself on the laws they are breaking while being paid tax dollar salaries and pensions.   Here are 3 ways to help keep you and your property safe, while homeless.

   1.   DO NOT SLEEP OR BE ALONE.  Easiest way to be abused is to be alone.

   2.  ALWAYS HAVE FOLKS WITH VIDEO CAMS AND CELL PHONE VIDEO DEVICES COSE BY.   Proving what happens makes all the difference to win any case or conflict.


    4.   KEEP A JOURNAL.   Take notes every day on what you see city workers, cops, case workers, social workers DO and SAY TO YOU.   Note the date and time and people's names.   Get in the habit of asking every city or non-profit worker you see their names. Share your notes with TRUSTED peers in your community.


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   People Project:  

   Punishing the Poorest - Coalition on Homelessness SF: 

   The $2 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against City of Fresno for Bulldozing Their Homeless:
     Kincaid vs City of Fresno

     NOTE:  Everyone Should READ THE LAWSUIT NOW!   
     Same Issues you face in San Francisco.   YOU can file for COURT PROCTECTION.

    Homeless Victory in Fresno has Implications for the Nation
    People's Tribune:

    Good Info On 'types' of Human Rights at this legal firm's website - 
    Russell Legal Services:
  If you have a true story of abuse to share privately with our peers of advocates, researchers, investigators and attorneys email:   SFHOMELESS@UNSEEN.IS

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sadly Watching My Friend Hitting Herself in Head While Congress Writes Law Based on ASSumptions

   Watching a friend in line getting coffee, beating herself in the head a half dozen times, because of the lack of good care she needs for her illnesses -- makes me very, very sad. 

So, I got outside to cry because I can both see and feel her pain.  Have you ever seen anyone you cared about or knew, suffer in front of your eyes, their mental illness by hitting themselves in the head ?     I imagine any person with trauma that replays in their minds lives in constant pain.   Everyone wants human pain and suffering to go away, but how come we have all failed over the past several generations ?

   You all move so fast with your anger and hateful emotions to pass laws, blame people and change policies and influence the masses with what amounts to, a bunch of crap in your heads from television.  All you decision makers DO NOT make your decisions about our health and safety based on Facts, Science and Evidence.   You keep taking away our choices, our rights to be left alone, our rights to not be mass incarcerated and felonized for non-violent crimes in prisons that only serve to beat down the innocent and the criminals until they come out as desperate, abandoned, hate filled souls that come back to gentrified neighbors run by the elite for their luxury benefits, not to meet our basic human  needs.

    I think I know this man Lopez-Sanchez and even if it turns out I don't, the fact remains that all you have made up your mind, based on what News Actors and Politicians (whom 4 out of 5 Americans do not trust with great cause) to label him A Murderer and you foolishly are moving ahead to hate on our city, our policies, our elected and appointed officials, based on what ?   NOTHING!    You still have not shown or proven FOR A REASONABLE FACT where and how high off the ground was The Fed Gun when it was discharged in his hand or not and have no proof of his fingerprints on the gun, its barrell or trigger.

   I hope if you are ever under scrutiny before the law for any act or accident you do, that you don't have any members of Congress, mass media, easily swayed public or families of victims or folks running for office on your jury or in your court room or you will surely be convicted and hung, without facts because that is exactly what all these people are doing, right now.   

   You all are trying to fix the past and change the future to do with an event that you have no real solid fact to run on.   You are using prescripted agendas and plans to exploit this tragedy and everyone involved to 'make a crisis' that you all as Gods can 'fix' for a bunch more of our tax money with promises to at least save at least one life from the same fate.

   That is such a crock of shit !   Same con game lies to get you all to hate immigrants while ten times more 'legal immigrants' pay big bucks to get 'legal visas' with the INTENT to further crimes for their sponsors here.... Are you all this blind ?   Blinded by emotions incited by Talking Heads.

 Here's my reality today.   I spend most of my time reducing harm, saving lives and making changes based on facts and real life human conditions on our streets, every day.  Today is no exception.
  Instead of reviewing the Lopez-Sanchez interview (47 min one) I went outside to cry like a baby, because its hard to see so much money, power and wealth (in Congress, government, corporations) being spent on luxury lifestyles of the elite, while their frauds, authorities and for profit mega prison builders exploit tragedies and your emotions to carry out their agendas.

    All paid for by your taxes every time they play your emotions to pass laws that will not and can not ever change the past isolated tragedies or even begin to prevent new ones.   We have folks IN HARM'S WAY NOW that need our support but instead, you are all distracted by Immigration Reforms, Chants of Murderer other propaganda that has mesmerized you all.

    Changing policy, law, views on our Sheriff, Sanctaury based on the Isolated Steinle Case is pure insantiy and evil at work.   NONE OF YOU has ANY PROOF OR FACT that the Gun was discharged with Intent (Murder) or NOT (Accident).

   Are you so blinded by emotionally charged rage (towards concepts, policiies, people and strangers you have never met and do not know) that you can not get control over your selves?    Can you clearly SEE the difference between a Murder and an Accident or have you also lost your mind ?

   If the gun went off by Accident, which is a condition of being human anywhere on this planet, then there is no amount of rage, law or policy change or prison building that will ever STOP a human accident, period.  Stop being delusional, oh if we pass this law and save one life.. it's worth it....

   No, it's not.  Because if it saves a life, you will never know it because you can't prove that any law can stop a human accident in which conditions exist where any person may have access to a dangerous thing and accidently be harmed or cause a harm.  This 'pass these laws fast (which disrupt and cause many more costs and problems that you think, because you're not thinking, you are acting prematurely based on misplaced emotions) mentallity and insane repetitive cycle is nothing more than a massive charade to get you all to support stuff that enriches the elite and DOES NOT SAVE LIVES OR REDUCE HARMS, in the Real World (non mass media, non-ipod distracted physical street world).

    All the other activities of legal (paid off visas for folks who aren't backgrounded well) immigration which in SF, at the rate of 15,000 new over 18 months, causes much more conflict, harm, loss and violence (by enabling jacked up market rates, job and home displacement, destabilization of community, financial ruin, desperation) than likely any group of 15,000 so-called 'illegals'.  

    Facts already tell us much higher percent of Americans per capita cause harm and death than ANY group of 'illegal residents'.  

   So, instead of us all spending time on What We Know and Can Prove is causing massive suffering and home and job loss and premature illnesses and death, in the here and now, in our city and all of our cities, we have the Steinle Family being jacked around and exploited to support more 'rush to pass' (we call that being railroaded, ya'all) laws that WILL DO NOTHING BUT CAUSE MORE HARM AND NOT REDUCE HARM OR SAVE LIVES.

   All of these 'faux changes' and hatred toward 'illegals' has NOTHING to do with any sick, mentally ill or drug adicted man from finding a Gun [ that was already under the tighest of checks and securities - being a federal LEA's issued or personal gun we could have ] -- and using it to harm another.   

   Either intentionally (as you all ASSumed already, based on the ramblings of a drug induced, english as a 2nd Language, 3rd Grade educated, social outcast who feels guilty and is a long time sufferer of trauma and man made drugs and alcohol) or having it discharge by accident ( See: Sao Paulo Police Reject 98,000 .40 Caliber, S & W Police Tactical Guns because they kept discharging while shaken, with or without safety on) such as a mechanical defect or by being dropped and kicked or without being aimed at a person.

   The chances of any other person, local or not being under the influence of pharma drugs passing by is about 6 or 7 out of 10, who could have picked up that fed gun and caused much greater damage by accident or by intent.  No law or policy change on Earth can, in reality, ever stop or 'reduce the chances' of having a Tragic Human Accident.  That's why they call them accidents.   Since we know a higher percentage of folks here legally, cause much more crime than illegals, changing policies on illegals will do NOTHING to reduce the chance of another person doing the same or worse, given the condtion of having a loaded fed gun on the ground, that apparently was not searched for very hard by SFPD.  Not to blame them, but no law or policy change can stop a person, any person, from picking up a loaded gun causing harm, period.   

   Well, many of you no longer hear or act in accordance with facts, logic, reason and common sense of good judgement.  Many of us suspect that among you, you members of Congress, Leadership, Candidates for Office, Office Holders, News Actors and even inside the families of victims, suspects and witnesses, SEVEN OUT OF TEN OF YOU -- ARE USING BIG PHARMA OR LIQUOR.

    Which may make you an easy target to BE INSANE and try to BE GODS and change the past or future by using what earthly powers you have to blame others, waste time and effort on fake targets and causes as you all seek to change it all with more laws and more policy changes.   

   Which in the end, only shows those of us --- who do not use big pharma or liquor how corrupted and dysfunctional everything is when 'folks in power and trust' put Making Mone and using Drugs, Alcohol & Hate ahead of people, natural medicines at cost for all, truth, facts, evidence, reason, compasion and common sense.    When you're mentally stable and not high on drugs or alcohol,  most of your decisions tend to be much better than when you're unstable or out of control on drugs or liquor, right ?

   You are all to blame.   

      If I had a magic wand, I'd make you all Deaf and Dumb so you can't talk.  

      That way, all you can do is LOOK & THINK and maybe in that way, you will see inside yourselves that every time you make changes based on your own emotions and hatred, you are actually enriching the elite who will profit as these changes you support now, cause even more conflict, violence, loss and harm to millions.... it's YOUR FAULT because you are either ignorant or out of control due to hate, drugs or alcohol, period. 

   Time to go back to reducing harm, saving lives and doing what's right, based on fact and reason, unilke what you all keep doing which makes me sad and pushes me towards depresssion because I know when all YOU think clearly and are not under the influence of mass hysteris, stereotyping, lies from the media, Feinstein or other hate filled name callers or on drugs or liquor, you probably are a nice person who makes good decisions, I hope.

 J. Leonard
SF Community Advocate

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Filipino SFPD Officer Leads Pack-Torture SF General Hospital Patient June 5 2015 5pm

Filipino SFPD Officer Leads Pack-Torture SF General Hospital Patient June 5 2015 5pm

Note: If you were at SF General Hospital yesterday (06/05/2015) and saw this incident around 5 to 6pm, please email:  -
We'll forward your info to the victim's attorney.
     A well known local 'patients' rights' advocate, suffering years of leg problems associated with diabetes, went down to the San Francisco General Hospial yesterday, Friday June 5, around noon.  He can barely walk and is very large boned, heavy set elderly man.

     After receiving treatment from interns and nurses and had his legs wrapped up, he walked out from the hospital onto the sidewalk to go to his home in the mission.

    As he walked he saw a shiny, silver 'button' style earring and bent over to pick it up.

    As soon as he was in a crouched position, undercover officers jumped out, yelled at him not to move and he had to because he was in pain.   One very heavy set, short filipino officer (in uniform) and about seven other plainsclothes officers jumped the patient and beat on him.

   A crowd of patients, residents, nurses and interns were all around watching and tried to intervene as they cops had grabbed the patients' camera, smashed it and took out the memory card (which had irreplaceable photos of his relatives, family, baby pics and potential evidence of abuse by police in this case).

     While he was handcuffed behind his back, they officers kept picking him up off the ground from behind and dropped him onto his knees, causing excruciating pain.  They did this several times until the nurses and folks came forward to protest and stop the torture. 

    Other officers blockcaded the view of the beatings and told everyone to get away this is 'police business'.

   The victim believes this is in retaliation for narcotics dealers near his home, with whom he's had confonrtations with and were overheard talking about having 'friends' in the SFPD go after him.    

     It's likely the 'shiny earring' ploy is a standard tactic to get folks to 'bend over' like they were picking up crack to justify attacks by this 'beating squad' led by the Filipino, uniformed SFPD Officer, who was directing these illegal acts involving multiple undercover cars and about 7 other officers. 

    We suppose they're from the Mission District Station or perhaps Potrero Station, we're checking on that.

   Here's notes from our chat with this unfortunate victim: 

  (Note:  We're starting 'legal defense" crowd funding to help folks like him, that we know and trust, beaten by criminal officers and others, especially involving criminal tenants and landlords doing bad things to us all, more often now).

   The officers picked him up and dropped him onto his knees, with hands held behind his back over and over again.  Easy way to shatter knee caps.

     The SFPD Offices smashed his camera, and were seen beating the disabled elderly patient while handcuffed -- by many hospital staff, patients and nurses who just treated him came out and confronted the police.   The police blockaded the nurses said 'this is a police matter'

   Then they took off to the police station,…Four door large undercover unit, with a rack cage.  Little fat phillipino officer in uniform was passenger in car.  Apparently 'directing' the operations of this squad.

   On way to station patient kept demanding them to tell him why they beat him and attacked him and tortured him and arrested him.  What are the charges.  And told him to stop drooling on the car seats (he was drooling from panic, shock and from pain)

    Then, they stopped the car and told him to get out and go away.  He replied he couldn't because he was handcuffed behind his back, in pain and can't open the door from the inside.   The officers kept yelling at him and to jump out of the car, said he couldn't, until an officer got out and opened the door. 

   They tried to force him to sign a piece of paper.  disclaiming that he's being arrest or detained but released without charges, akin to this incident never happened. 

After they dragged him out of the car and kicked him in the side.  If you don't run away we're going to do what we did to you again.


   Our friend ran away and did NOT sign the bogus paper to cover up these horrific crimes, under color of authority, by folks who make their salary from Our Tax Dollars.

    So, if YOU see something shiny on the ground, do NOT pick it up.  It's a trap to enable violent, out of control officers (sergeants and above) and patrol officers and corrupted drug agents to beat you, felonize you and put you in prison, all based on entrapment and lies and intimidation. 


      Many of the cases our groups have reported on have been presented to our State Attorney General Kamala Harris, but alas, she has close relationships with most of these thug players stealing our local cash flows and public resources to the elite, so we don't expect justice any time soon.  We're on our own now, People.

  Be aware of your surroundings.  Do NOT travel or sleep alone anywhere.  Travel in groups with ample cell phones (turned off, battery out until ready to use), video and audio recording devices and live stream or upload in real time whatever you can since we know cops in San Francisco who do crimes, will steal your stuff and videos and destroy cameras to obstruct justice and for the fun of it, because they are out of control.


    They likely abuse drugs, alcohol or have mental defects and condtions that must be exposed or more of our people will be targeted, set up, beaten and murdered under the false color of authority.

  Chief Suhr, we've only touched on the tip of these criminals in uniform ice bergs. When we said we live in a State of Emergency, we were serious.  When we said nothing short of a massive purge of our law enforcement and government by Mandatory Drug, Liquor and Mental Health Testing and Evaluations is the ONLY WAY to stop this madness.

We'll have many more stories like this and more on this story coming up, all hot and cold summer long.

Bless all who have been beaten and died at the hands of police officers acting out of control who destroy lives and communities as traitors of our people who must be exposed and brought to justice, now.

Moderators and Task Force Legal Team

SFAwareness Group (c) 2007-2015

SF Peoples' Fraud Task Force


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