Saturday, June 6, 2015

Filipino SFPD Officer Leads Pack-Torture SF General Hospital Patient June 5 2015 5pm

Filipino SFPD Officer Leads Pack-Torture SF General Hospital Patient June 5 2015 5pm

Note: If you were at SF General Hospital yesterday (06/05/2015) and saw this incident around 5 to 6pm, please email:  -
We'll forward your info to the victim's attorney.
     A well known local 'patients' rights' advocate, suffering years of leg problems associated with diabetes, went down to the San Francisco General Hospial yesterday, Friday June 5, around noon.  He can barely walk and is very large boned, heavy set elderly man.

     After receiving treatment from interns and nurses and had his legs wrapped up, he walked out from the hospital onto the sidewalk to go to his home in the mission.

    As he walked he saw a shiny, silver 'button' style earring and bent over to pick it up.

    As soon as he was in a crouched position, undercover officers jumped out, yelled at him not to move and he had to because he was in pain.   One very heavy set, short filipino officer (in uniform) and about seven other plainsclothes officers jumped the patient and beat on him.

   A crowd of patients, residents, nurses and interns were all around watching and tried to intervene as they cops had grabbed the patients' camera, smashed it and took out the memory card (which had irreplaceable photos of his relatives, family, baby pics and potential evidence of abuse by police in this case).

     While he was handcuffed behind his back, they officers kept picking him up off the ground from behind and dropped him onto his knees, causing excruciating pain.  They did this several times until the nurses and folks came forward to protest and stop the torture. 

    Other officers blockcaded the view of the beatings and told everyone to get away this is 'police business'.

   The victim believes this is in retaliation for narcotics dealers near his home, with whom he's had confonrtations with and were overheard talking about having 'friends' in the SFPD go after him.    

     It's likely the 'shiny earring' ploy is a standard tactic to get folks to 'bend over' like they were picking up crack to justify attacks by this 'beating squad' led by the Filipino, uniformed SFPD Officer, who was directing these illegal acts involving multiple undercover cars and about 7 other officers. 

    We suppose they're from the Mission District Station or perhaps Potrero Station, we're checking on that.

   Here's notes from our chat with this unfortunate victim: 

  (Note:  We're starting 'legal defense" crowd funding to help folks like him, that we know and trust, beaten by criminal officers and others, especially involving criminal tenants and landlords doing bad things to us all, more often now).

   The officers picked him up and dropped him onto his knees, with hands held behind his back over and over again.  Easy way to shatter knee caps.

     The SFPD Offices smashed his camera, and were seen beating the disabled elderly patient while handcuffed -- by many hospital staff, patients and nurses who just treated him came out and confronted the police.   The police blockaded the nurses said 'this is a police matter'

   Then they took off to the police station,…Four door large undercover unit, with a rack cage.  Little fat phillipino officer in uniform was passenger in car.  Apparently 'directing' the operations of this squad.

   On way to station patient kept demanding them to tell him why they beat him and attacked him and tortured him and arrested him.  What are the charges.  And told him to stop drooling on the car seats (he was drooling from panic, shock and from pain)

    Then, they stopped the car and told him to get out and go away.  He replied he couldn't because he was handcuffed behind his back, in pain and can't open the door from the inside.   The officers kept yelling at him and to jump out of the car, said he couldn't, until an officer got out and opened the door. 

   They tried to force him to sign a piece of paper.  disclaiming that he's being arrest or detained but released without charges, akin to this incident never happened. 

After they dragged him out of the car and kicked him in the side.  If you don't run away we're going to do what we did to you again.


   Our friend ran away and did NOT sign the bogus paper to cover up these horrific crimes, under color of authority, by folks who make their salary from Our Tax Dollars.

    So, if YOU see something shiny on the ground, do NOT pick it up.  It's a trap to enable violent, out of control officers (sergeants and above) and patrol officers and corrupted drug agents to beat you, felonize you and put you in prison, all based on entrapment and lies and intimidation. 


      Many of the cases our groups have reported on have been presented to our State Attorney General Kamala Harris, but alas, she has close relationships with most of these thug players stealing our local cash flows and public resources to the elite, so we don't expect justice any time soon.  We're on our own now, People.

  Be aware of your surroundings.  Do NOT travel or sleep alone anywhere.  Travel in groups with ample cell phones (turned off, battery out until ready to use), video and audio recording devices and live stream or upload in real time whatever you can since we know cops in San Francisco who do crimes, will steal your stuff and videos and destroy cameras to obstruct justice and for the fun of it, because they are out of control.


    They likely abuse drugs, alcohol or have mental defects and condtions that must be exposed or more of our people will be targeted, set up, beaten and murdered under the false color of authority.

  Chief Suhr, we've only touched on the tip of these criminals in uniform ice bergs. When we said we live in a State of Emergency, we were serious.  When we said nothing short of a massive purge of our law enforcement and government by Mandatory Drug, Liquor and Mental Health Testing and Evaluations is the ONLY WAY to stop this madness.

We'll have many more stories like this and more on this story coming up, all hot and cold summer long.

Bless all who have been beaten and died at the hands of police officers acting out of control who destroy lives and communities as traitors of our people who must be exposed and brought to justice, now.

Moderators and Task Force Legal Team

SFAwareness Group (c) 2007-2015

SF Peoples' Fraud Task Force


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Odd Couple Predators Beat on Homeless Woman with Police Baton in SF Mission District 2-4am 3-26-2015

Posted on Facebook earlier today:


ATTN: BE ON THE LOOK OUT - 2 Males Beating Sleeping Women Near Valencia Street and 16th Street in the Mission. Another beating happened to our gentle friend, last night. 

     She's the sweet woman with 'pastey white' face who hangs out near Taqueria La Cumbre on Valencia for the past several years.  We feed her and watch out for her, but last night she was beaten while asleep.

 Here's the story, so far: 

Thu Mar 26, 2015 - Approx. 2-4am, 16th & Valencia, 16th & Rondel Alley: 

      A young homeless woman we know was beaten last night on Valencia Street, near 16th Street in the middle of the night. The two assailants were both dark skinned (black, dark brown) men in their late 40's to late 50's.

     First man, 6" - 3" Tall, heavy build, wearing all black shirt, cotton pullover, dark blue jeans who touched her while sleeping on the sidewalk and she told him to leave her alone, she's sleeping. 

That man started kicking her in the ribs.
Collapsible Baton Stick & Case

    Then a second man, much shorter ( 5'-7, 8" tall, medium build) and in his late 40's (younger than the other) pulled out a Police Baton (similar to picture) Stick and repeated strikes in her face and ribs.   She was shaken up when we spoke to her, the ages may be reversed...

 She now has Five Broken Ribs. 

  She did not report the incident to SFPD, at first, because SHE IS AFRAID OF THEM. 

  They have harassed her before and she doesn't even drink liquor or use drugs and never bothers anyone, except when she's normally upset about something, as we all get.

    She also knew how Sgt. Petuya had harassed our elderly attorney and what's worse is that when Sgt. Petuya was harassing us over the elder attorney sitting on a $25 stool while we talked legal matters, it shows how out of touch and 'thoughtless' our officers have become over the past several years. 


    We told her that even though there are bad acting, biased officers like Sgt. Petuya, we told her that not all cops in San Francisco are that way. 

   We have many wise and just officers who do their jobs by NOT bothering good people and by focussing only on those folks causing harm, every day.

That is what 'real police officers' do. They HELP us to be safe from bad people. 

  They focus attention on those that harm us. We support Good Cops who don't waste time acting out their personal hate on elders, people of one skin color or another or other factors that make them a liability to us all and not an asset as the good cops are.

    Only the lowest form of cops spend their time hating on and nitpicking over the tiniest of 'technical violations' because they take out their anger and 'power trip' over the 'weakest' most vulnerable members of our society. 

  These are coward predators, no different from these two violent predators that attacked this harmless sleeping friend of ours. 

The good cops, the ones we respect, honor and admire do not spend any time on matters that do not reduce harm and save lives.

   They do not harass our poor people, our elders and our homeless. 

   And once they know your gender, they refer to you with the proper pronouns, because to good cops your persona is important. 

    They SEE YOU as a real live, flesh and blood human deserving of respect and to be LEFT ALONE if you are not harming anyone else, period. You are not just 'one of those…. blah, blah, blah' folks on the streets….

     This is not the same city we all grew up in. Chase bank and predator corporations are destroying our neighborhoods, block by block for immense cash flows that leave town.  Our leaders are helping them.

   Our leaders have allowed all manner of mentally ill, violent, drug or alcohol addicted officers into our police and sheriff departments who do spend time and tax dollars picking on people because they are mentally defective by illness or by substance abuse which GOES UNCHECKED in our law enforcement departments.

     When are our City Leaders going to PURGE the ranks of our police and sheriffs department of the hordes of abusers, beaters and murderers that have grown over time, to the point where this Sgt. thought he was doing something right by bothering an elder attorney and her client who WERE NOT BOTHERING ANYONE OR BREAKING ANY JUST LAWS, PERIOD.

    If you were a cop and saw an elder woman with her client on a sidewalk not bothering anyone, what is in your mind when you see them ? 

   What, you don't' like old people ? Or you like bothering people at rest to exhibit how powerful you are ?

We recalled the last part of our encounter with Sgt. Peyuta, he invaded our space and bothered the people whose taxes pay his salary.   He works FOR US. 

    We don't WORK FOR HIM. He has Authority over us if we break a law, or bother others, but, when that's not the case, he works for us. 

    As the elder attorney's blood pressure spiked she told the officer how rotten it was for him to even bother us, since there was no reason, except a personal bias or vision of hate towards 'people just hanging out, freely' which triggered him to think he had to do something and exert power where none was needed.
    This shows he must have a mental problem (to bother folks not bothering anyone) from drug, alcohol or due to undiagnosed illness, because it's NOT NORMAL for any officer to go bother us the way he did. He kept calling her Sir and had no explanation as to WHY he chose to not follow city policy or police department policy (he denied knowing either re: Sit/Lie to be used only if folks are bothering others nor the Cannabis Lowest Priority City Ordinance).

     In fact, we've had scores of officers walk by us when we medicate with cannabis or do BBQ's and have chairs to sit in.... for the past FIVE YEARS.





As we get more details, we'll pass them on.
SF Community Advocate James


Saturday, March 14, 2015

MAR 2015 Cannabis Justice Poll: Compensation for MJ Prisoners AND Taxpayers Defrauded by Prohibition Drug Wars New State Laws SFH

SFAwareness's Polls on Seen.Is -  New Poll:  Mar 14, 2015 - Damages for Cannabis Prohibition Fraud Since 1934:

San Francisco Cannabis Patients' Union on Seen.Is Now

    Do You Support Reparations for Damages From The U.S. & State Governments & The Industries (Liquor, Pharma, Oil, Petro-Chemical, Banksters) for 80+ Years of Prohibition, Drug War Frauds ?

New Cannabis Reparations Poll on Seen.Is Social Net.
   Grand Frauds causing over 50 Million harmless Americans to Lose Their Home, Families & Freedoms to enrich The Elite, under corrupt abuse of law, power and trust ?


 1.   Yes. I want damages for all Cannabis Prisoners & Taxpayers

 2.   No. I want to pass new laws to create Monopolies.

 3.   Yes, I want damages and Jail Time for the Traitors.

 4.   No. I forgive the Elite for 80+ Years of Fraud and Abuse of Power.



 1.   Alliance To End Prohibition of Cannabis:

 2.   Search on Seen.Is for Cannabis Prohibition related Groups (20, so far) :

 3.   Search on Seen.Is for EVERYTHING Cannabis Prohibition ( 568 Items ! ):

 4.   NORML - By the way, they were an early adopter to Seen.Is :

 5.   Our San Francisco Cannabis Patients' Union

 6.   10,000 Cannabis Patients From Northern California (Voting Block to Protect All Adult's Right to freely access cannabis & hemp, for free or at lowest cost possible, no burdens by government or state that does not save lives or reduce harm.  Human Rights, Natural Rights to access all safe plants belongs to ourselves and our local communities, first and foremost, period.  Not more state law frauds that enrich the elite and enable monopolies and agency building and things that drive up costs and deny or reduce access for all ):

 7.   Search for EVERYTHING Medical Cannabis on Seen.Is (1,286 Items !) :

 8.   Cannabis Patients' Alerts - Corrupted State Law Makers trying to take over all things cannabis and DESTROY or burden adults, families, collectives and others who have an absolute pre-existing natural rights to access and grow and SHARE cannabis freely, at lowest cost possible, no matter what the elite wish to do, beyond that.   Our common rights must be set firmly, and our people compensated BEFORE the elite move on to more frauds and megaprofits on top of nature's gifts to ALL OF US, NOT SOME OF US: 

    Article on latest 17 Cannabis Related Bills in California State Legislature RIGHT NOW!    Last Month 8 Bills, now there's 17 (or more by the time you read this):

#END# #EndProhibition #sfawareness #sfhomeless

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